Style non Polarity sorbent that can absorb oxygen
molecule under normal temperature and swinging
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     Shanli is the most famous CMS manufacturer of China. Before 1985, all of the Chinese Nitrogen generator factories imported the CMS from abroad. Mr. Hu, The president of ShanLi, is the specialist of CMS production. From 1985, he and a group of excellent engineers together produced the CMS in a ShangHai Chemical Lab, it was the first era of the CMS made in China. In these 20 years, ShanLi CMS is growing in a high speed. From the ball-shaped CMS in 1985 till the cylinder grain CMS in 2005, from CMS140 to CMS0520, the customers at home and abroad have accepted ShanLi's CMS.
    Shanli has two factories in China.Meanwhile, with the development of Shanli, more and more customers select us. Nowadays, there are over 50% of CMS products have been exported to Europe, USA, and Southeast of Asia. Also the capability of ShanLi's production now is increasing by 30% every year. ShanLi now is the largest CMS manufacturer base of China.
    ShanLi has the clear aim, that is: try our best to stand our feet in the world market. Not only for the goods and stability quality, but also the service, and strong technical support.


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